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New Academic District Energy System

UBC’s Vancouver campus is undergoing one of the largest steam to hot water conversions in North America; once completed, the Academic District Energy System will heat approximately 130 buildings on campus; lower the University's carbon footprint by 22%; and decrease operational and energy costs by...More Info

Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability

The CIRS Building (Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability)‘s water is 100% supplied by rainwater;  also sequesters 600 tons of carbon dioxide in its structure; reduces campus energy by 275 megawatt-hours per year; and reduces campus carbon dioxide emissions by 150 tons each year.

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U-Pass daily transit trips

Coincident with the introduction of U-Pass daily transit trips to and from the Point Grey campus increased by 263% from 2002 to 2013.

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UBC Thunderbird teams

UBC Thunderbird teams have won a total of 98 Canadian Inter university Sport Championships –the best record of any university in Canada.

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UBC’s sports teams name

When UBC’s sports teams were deciding on a name, students’ suggestions included Seagulls, Golden Eagle, and Sea Slugs.

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UBC Skatepark

The UBC Skatepark is the first university campus skatepark in North America.

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Allard Hall Musqueam house post

The xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) house post outside of Allard Hall depicts qiyəplenəxʷ (Capilano), who was recognized for leading the Musqueam people in defending their territory, laws and customs.

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MOA house posts

MOA has three house posts from the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) First Nation.

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The Museum of Anthropology

The Museum of Anthropology is home to a First Nations carving “Raven and the First Man” created by Bill Reid. It was featured on the old Canadian $20 bill.

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Nitobe Memorial Garden

The Nitobe Memorial Garden follows traditional principles of yin and yang, and its layout conforms to the map of the Milky Way.

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Ladner Clock Tower

The Ladner clock tower was constructed in 1968 with funds from Dr. Leon Ladner and his family. The clock tower honours the history of pioneering families in British Columbia, including the Ladner family, after whom the town of Ladner, an area of Delta,...More Info

UBC Vancouver campus

UBC’s Vancouver campus contains approximately 500 buildings and covers 402 hectares (993 acres) of land.

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Charles E. Fipke Centre

The Charles E. Fipke Centre on the Okanagan campus was the first laboratory building in Canada to earn five Green Globes for sustainability which is equivalent to a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum rating.More Info

Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams was an artist in residence at UBC, circa 1980. He was, by all accounts, very brilliant and often inebriated.More Info

Pit Pub

In 1968 Associate Professor of Zoology, David Suzuki, led the lobby for the first campus bar, The Pit Pub.More Info

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies 2

The world-renowned mathematical physicist, Roger Penrose, who discovered black holes, recently visited UBC in 2014 for a Peter Wall Exploratory workshop with UBC’s theoretical physicist, Philip Stamp, and microbiologist, Brett Finlay?

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Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies

The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies is one of only 30 similar institutes worldwide, which make up the University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS) network? UBIAS are associated with or embedded within a university, and actively contribute to the academic culture and...More Info


Psychology was initially introduced as a single course and was offered by the Department of Philosophy in 1915. The most popular undergraduate Major at UBC, Psychology currently has over 1700 students working toward their BA degree and over 120 studying for their BSc....More Info

The Seagulls

The UBC Thunderbird sports teams were nearly called the Seagulls? Back in 1933, when UBC’s teams still had no name, the student paper, the Ubyssey, ran a name-the-team contest and the winner, as voted on by the students, was Seagulls! The paper’s sports editor...More Info