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UBC Men’s Hockey Team Visits China

The UBC men's hockey team has the privilege of being the first western sports team to play in China. The trip is a cultural exchange focused on friendship and sharing hockey skills with the Chinese.More Info

The Native Indian Teacher Education Program (NITEP) is Introduced

NITEP begins as an elementary teacher education program in response to a need expressed by Aboriginal people throughout BC for a more effective and relevant teacher education program. In 2004, a secondary teaching program is established. NITEP builds upon Aboriginal identity and cultural heritage...More Info

The Inaugural Storm the Wall

Students participate in the inaugural Storm the Wall relay, where they compete in running, swimming, cycling and scaling a 12-foot wall. As of 2015, Storm the Wall holds the title of the largest intramural sporting event in North America.More Info

The Football Team Wins the Vanier Cup

The UBC football team wins its first Vanier Cup after finishing the season undefeated. During the 1997 Vanier Cup telecast, TSN commentators agree this team is the best in Canadian university football history.More Info

The First Class Graduates

Jessie J. Anderson is the first student to receive a UBC degree. She is one of 17 women in a class of 40 graduating students.

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The APEC Protest

The Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) meeting is hosted by the federal government at the UBC Museum of Anthropology. More than 1,500 protesters converge on campus in an event that culminates in a confrontation with police involving pepper spray and mass arrests.More Info

UBC Opens the Okanagan Campus

The UBC campus opens in Kelowna with an initial academic plan based on four themes: indigenous studies, sustainability, health and wellness, and creativity. The opening ceremony is preceded by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on Educational Cooperation and Programming between the Okanagan...More Info

Kyoto Targets are Met Ahead of Schedule

Five years ahead of schedule, and despite large increases in floor space and student enrolment, the Vancouver campus meets its Kyoto targets by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by six per cent from 1990 levels. The Okanagan campus embarks on an ambitious energy upgrade project...More Info

Students Rally to Save the Farm

On April 7, more than 2,000 people march across the Vancouver campus from the SUB to UBC farm to show support for maintaining the farm’s size and location. They are successful and the university agrees to keep this important space for students, research, and...More Info

The ‘start an evolution’ Campaign Launches

In September, UBC launches the most ambitious fundraising and alumni engagement campaign in Canadian history. It aims to raise $1.5 billion for students, research, and community engagement, and to double the annual number of alumni actively connected to the university by 2015. The...More Info

UBC Honours Japanese Canadian Students

At a special ceremony, UBC grants honorary degrees to 61 students who were unable to complete their studies and confers the degrees of 15 students who were unable to attend graduation when they were sent away to WWII internment camps in 1942.

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UBC Hosts the Olympics and Paralympics

UBC Vancouver is one of the host sites for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Robson Square and the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre are used throughout the games. As of 2015, UBC Olympians total 241 and the UBC Point Grey campus...More Info

The Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre Opens

The Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, named after a prominent UBC alumnus and philanthropist, opens on the Vancouver campus. The centre is a home for alumni for life and the first of its kind in Canada.

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UBC Centennial Year Begins

UBC will mark its Centennial from fall 2015 (the anniversary of its opening) to spring 2016 (the anniversary of its first graduating class). The Okanagan campus marks its 10th anniversary at the same time.

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UBC’s First Advisor on Women Is Appointed

Mary Louise Bollert is appointed UBC's Advisor on Women in 1921 and becomes the first Dean of Women in 1922. UBC's first women's residence is named after her to commemorate Bollert's long fight for gender equity.

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Students March in The Great Trek

Over the summer break, UBC students collect approximately 56,000 signatures in support of building the university at the Point Grey site. This public awareness campaign culminates on October 28, when 1,200 students with floats, banners, signs and a marching band make their way...More Info

The Point Grey Campus Opens

On October 15, UBC officially opens the Point Grey campus. The site now has three permanent buildings, nine semi-permanent buildings, and a handful of agricultural outbuildings.

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Musqueam House Posts Are Presented to UBC

The Musqueam First Nation sells two house posts to the UBC Alumni Association, with the agreement that the posts will remain on the UBC campus next to the Musqueam reserve. The Alumni Association presents the house posts to the university the same year...More Info

The University’s Future Is Threatened

The Great Depression has devastating effects on the economy, and the provincial government threatens to close the university. Students mount a successful campaign to keep the university open, but the government drastically cuts annual grants by more than half.

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The Grand Campus Washout

Heavy snowfall followed by driving rain in January causes a large pool of water to form on the north end of campus. A small ditch is dug to help the water drain into the ocean, but continuing rainfall turns the ditch into a...More Info

The “Thunderbird” Name Is Endorsed

In 1948, Chief William Scow, his son, Alfred (a UBC law student) and the Neel family of the Kwikwasut'inuxw First Nation officially grant UBC permission to use the Thunderbird name for its sports teams. A totem pole carved by Ellen Neel is gifted...More Info

UBC Hosts the British Empire Games

UBC is one of the hosts for the games, utilising the newly constructed Empire Pool for the swimming and diving events. Off campus, the UBC men's rowing team defeats the heavily favoured English team and wins the gold medal.

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UBC Celebrates Its Golden Jubilee

UBC celebrates its Golden Jubilee and launches the UBC Development Fund, the first public appeal for capital funds by any Canadian university. Through government contributions and fund drives, it raises $35 million.

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Students Take Over the Faculty Club

American social activist and Yippie Jerry Rubin leads a group of 2,000 students to a sit-in at UBC's faculty club in the name of liberation and an end to authoritarian structures at the university.

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