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Ionic~Minerals~4~Teeth+Bones ...or.... 2 "Dry Out" SEA thru Mineral ThefT

As water comes down from the ArtiC~CanadiA~Mountains FILLs with ROCK.SALTs, the water travels down ~>the Golf.of Mexico. Its water body picks up SAND SALTs+VEGETABLE MINERAL.SALTs that are picked up in water's gell~like~body, on its glide + slide, On its way down, the WATER goes thru "nUclear "COOKERS". INSIDE these nUclear "cookers" we find IRON boiling continually. Boiling "re~Activates" elemental cells that IRON is made of. Bioling creates IRON's ~>strong IONic "Mineral"Bonding.ThefT.

Story submitted by

Rev. Dr. Wendy Yoga NooN

GainesVille, USA

Faculty Member - Faculty of Medicine