October 2, 2015
5:30pm to 7:00pm
Jack Poole Hall, Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, 6163 University Blvd., Vancouver

Dr. Meg Lowman



Forest canopies provide critical goods and services for people, ecosystems and the atmosphere.  The forest canopy also provides a novel domain for conservation education, exploration and discovery.  UBC Botanical Garden and Greenheart Canopy Walkway are pleased to remember Peter Wharton through the Wharton Lecture Series by hosting Dr. Meg Lowman, Chief of Science & Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences.

Known as “Queen of Canopies,” Dr. Lowman is a renowned biologist, educator and forest champion who has pioneered the science of treetop canopy research.  For over 30 years she has designed innovative ways of exploring forest canopy ecosystems using walkways and hot-air balloons.  Dr. Lowman will share her experiences exploring canopy biodiversity in the world’s forests and share directions for kick-starting canopy research at UBC Botanical Garden.

After the lecture, UBC Botanical Garden will be officially launching the Vancouver Trees Mobile App.  Instructor Douglas Justice, UBC Botanical Garden Curator of Collections, will discuss how users can browse common and uncommon trees in the Metro Vancouver area, view images and locations, search for trees using specific criteria, and make plant lists of their favourite trees.

Target Audience: academic community and garden supporters – anyone is welcome to attend

Admission: $10.00 plus applicable taxes and fees.


Contact: garden.programs@ubc.ca



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