March 8, 2016
Workshop runs from March 8-11, 2016
Vancouver Campus



The UBC Centennial Emerging Research Workshop on Water will be held on March 8-11, 2016.

The workshop will bring together leading water experts from UBC, the global academe, NGOs, and the public to share knowledge and advance emerging ideas. It aims to connect the diverse community of water researchers at UBC across multiple disciplines. In doing so, the workshop and the post-workshop strategy session will aim to generate a practical roadmap for building a cohesive and comprehensive water research cluster.

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Proposed Workshop Schedule: March 8-11, 2016

The workshop will open with an evening welcome reception on March 8 at Sage Bistro. A number of expert plenary sessions and panel presentations will be held over the next two days. These open sessions will involve presentations from key experts on contemporary and global water issues in the thematic areas of “Health”, “Policy”, “Hydrology”, “Environment and Natural Resources”, “Treatment and Re-use”, “Climate and System Design”, and “Water Futures”. The workshop will conclude on March 11 with a closed-door strategizing session of select water experts.


Schedule of Events and Contact Information

For complete details and to see the full schedule of events from March 8-11, 2016, visit Please contact Sameer Shah for more information.