November 21, 2015
1:00pm to 3:30pm
UBC Point Grey Campus

One Day at UBC Centennial Lectures



In this hands-on workshop for kids, parents, grandparents, and teachers, find out how you can inspire students to engage with mathematics and science, and boost their confidence and interest in these subjects. Includes resources for exciting mathematics and science activities. Open to participants ages 11 and up and their parents, guardians, and teachers.

Marina Milner-Bolotin is an assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at UBC. She specializes in science teaching and conducts research on ways to promote student interest in science.

This One Day @ UBC Centennial event is open to anyone 15 years of age or older.

UP893: Sat, Nov 21, 1-3:30pm, UBC Point Grey campus. FREE. Space is limited.



One Day @ UBC Centennial Lectures

As part of the UBC Centennial celebrations, UBC Continuing Studies is offering 20 free lectures over 10 Saturdays at the UBC Point Grey campus from September 2015 through May 2016. These lectures are open to anyone 15 years of age or older.

UBC professors or postdoctoral fellows teach every session, and provide you with an opportunity to learn from and with some of the world-class researchers and scholars teaching at UBC. Choose a morning or afternoon session – or both – and consider spending the balance of your day exploring the campus museums and gardens, or enjoying a meal at one of UBC’s many eateries.

Space is limited. Preregistration recommended.  Find out more.


September-December 2015

  • Living with Global China (Paul Evans)
  • Nepal’s 2015 Earthquakes and Their Aftermath (Sara Shneiderman)
  • Learning from “Super Agers”: What Centenarians Can Teach Us About Aging Well (Elizabeth Kelson)
  • Optimizing Care for Older People Presenting to Hospitals (Roger Wong)
  • Income Inequality in Canada and Abroad (Thomas Lemieux)
  • Climate Change in the Context of Global Change (Hadi Dowlatabadi)
  • Find Out How Well Your Child is Doing in School: Research-Based Tips and Strategies – Workshop (Sandra Mathison)
  • Math for Kids and Parents – Workshop (Marina Milner-Bolotin)
  • The Beginning of the Viking Age (Geoffrey Winthrop-Young)
  • The World Hobbit Project (Ernest Mathijs)


January-May 2016

Registration for Winter 2016 lectures opens November 30, 2015.

  • Interactive Digital Media (Bob Pritchard)
  • Ready-to-Wear Electronics (Peyman Servati)
  • Defences in Canadian Criminal Law (Janine Benedet)
  • Insect Jurisprudence (Renisa Mawani)
  • Introduction to Ship Design (Chris McKesson, Jon Mikkelsen)
  • From Airplanes to Water Striders: Everyday Fluid Dynamics (James J. Feng)
  • The History of the English Language in One Day (Leslie Arnovick)
  • Social Media: From the Personal to the Professional (Alfred Hermida)
  • An Introduction to the Large-Scale Structure of Space and Time (Daniel Carney)
  • The Evolution of Religion and Morality (Edward Slingerland)