October 2, 2015
UNC Amphitheatre, UBC Okanagan Campus



UBCSUO presents the 1st annual Harmony banquet hosted by Jus Reign’s right hand Babbulicious.  Harmony UBCO is a multi-club collaboration including performances and food from 10 of our cultural clubs around campus. Its goal is to expand intercultural relations and to celebrate unity. This one of a kind banquet will be held on October 2nd at the UNC Amphitheatre and will include performances and food by the following clubs:

  • South Asian Alliance
  • Association of Bangladeshi Students
  • African Caribbean Student Club
  • Asian Student Association
  • Sikh Student Association
  • Indigenous Student Association
  • European Student Association
  • Russian Speakers Association
  • Arab Student Association
  • Nepaleses Scholars Association

Everyone is welcome! Tickets start at $20 with Student ID and $30 w/o, and can be purchased from 10am-3pm from the tables set up inside the UNC or during the Green Thread Used Book Store hours starting Tuesday September 22nd.

For more info, visit Harmony UBCO’s Facebook page.